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SII Global CEO & Founder Miguel Ángel Arroyo

Miguel Ángel Arroyo, was born in Mexico City, where he studied in the Interdisciplinary Professional Unit of Engineering and Social Administrative Sciences (UPIICSA) of the National Polytechnic Institute, graduating as an Industrial Engineer.

His work experience has covered the positions of “Project Manager”, “Engineering Manager” and “Supply Manager” in several companies in the industrial zone in San Luis Potosí. He was also the owner of a business named “Commercial Link”, which linked companies with the right markets.

Mr. Arroyo wrote a book titled: “Free yourself and Find your Mission.”, which basically describes that it is no coincidence that you exist; you were created to develop one or more missions in your life, but you have to get rid of concepts and prejudices. He has also developed large networks in several multilevel companies. He is now the Director of “SII Global”, where he will again use his expertise to solidify another great endeavor.