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SII Global - Passive Yet Powerful Rewards

SII Global was founded by Industrial Engineer Miguel Ángel Arroyo with the vision of creating a global currency website for internation Cryptocurrency trading for everyone from the newcomer to the veteran trader. SII Global is now an established Cryptocurrency mining and harvesting company offering robust cloud mining packages with maketing incentives geared toward leaders and recruiters worldwide.


There are currently more than 700 registered cryptocurrency coins in circulation that are being mined, bought, sold and traded on a daily basis. SII Global has been mining top coins since January of 2016.

Why is SII Global Growing SO Rapidly?

- NO need to invest in expensive mining machines
- NO need to leave your computer running all day
- NO need to surf sites to earn daily income
- NO need to post ads to earn daily income
- NO need to sponsor to earn daily income
- NO waiting period for withdrawals (can withdraw daily)
- NO flushing of daily accumulated binary points
- NO fees to upgrade to higher Service Packs
- NO purchase required to earn 10% Fast Start Bonuses
- NO limit to number of accounts you can register
- NO maximum daily withdrawal amount limitations
- NO monthly maintenance fees or annual renewal fees
- NO expensive withdrawal fees (only a 2% flat fee)
- NO member-to-member funding transactions allowed
- NO “Reserve Wallet” to limit your withdrawal options