About Us

Fortress New Media has been providing clients with innovative design solutions for over 13 years. We thrive on creating powerful branding with our talented team of designers. We specialize in graphic design, web design, photography, video and audio production and are always looking for challenges to improve our diverse skill set and build our portfolio. Below is a list clients we have worked with:

Quest Rare Minerals
Scarlett Jane
Fremantle Corp
IndieCan Radio
Deep Bay Inn
Wabi Exploration
Hornby Bay Minerals
Elm Tree Minerals
Duran Ventures inc
Eurodale Developments
Juntion Guitars
Fremantle Corporation
Whoosh Inc.
Norvista Resources
Aurvista Gold Corp
Solvista Gold Corp.
Highvista Gold Corp.
Calvista Gold Corp.
Kitrinor Metals
Cadman Exploration Inc.
Elm Tree Minerals
Tribeca Capital
Adam Hay
Jon McCaan
Cindy Doire
Mayen Minreals
Rio Silver Inc.
Guinea Iron Ore
Champaign Resources Inc.